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Meet the Project Halfway


PEGT DeFi Loan

PEGT DeFi is a win win part of the PEGT Project, that enables investors earn with their tokens while PEGT appreciates. 


PEGT Products

  1. Beluga                    Caviar
  2. Sturgeon                Caviar
  3. Cambrian Blue      Clay
  4. Organic                   Fertilizer
  5. Amaranth                Oil

PEGT Eco Tourism

PEGT Caviar farm is designed to be a master piece for tourist attraction added to Ukraine’s panoramic scenic sites.

Oleg with Sturgeon

A Few Words About Us

PEGT is managed by two major teams the production and marketing team.

The production team is in  charge of effective supply and delivery of all PEGT products globally. The marketing team monitors the performance of the PEGT asset as a leading future cryptocurrency.

The marketing team intend to spread PEGT to 100 Million investors worldwide and in the short term hit 10000 daily investors. If it sounds too ambitious, the goal can be measured through the number of active wallets in the project. Thanks to the explorer!

This Is Why

You Should Invest With Us

Organic Development

The consistency of the outstanding professionals in the PEGT project sets it apart with measurable gains.

Quality Services

You can count on the efficiency of the various round the clock support team especially the DeFi Loan Team.

Increasing Demand

PEGT is happy to record and sustain daily increase in demand irrespective of the direction of the general market .

14+ Years of Experience in caviar Production

Some of Our

Recent Projects

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