Amaranth Oil
"The question is not whether amaranth will become the main grain and food culture of the world, but when it will become it"
The Food Commission at the UN for food and healing properties recognized amaranth culture of the XXI century. Experts of the UN Food Commission recognized Amaranth as a culture that will help provide the growing population of our planet with high-quality protein.
The healing properties of amaranth are known since ancient times. He was known and the ancient Greeks, and Chinese doctors, and the peoples of Central America - the Incas and the Aztecs. From Greek "amaranthos" is translated as a unfading, immortal flower.
Pantry protein, the culture of today and the future - as the biologists of the world call this plant now.
The great Russian scientist N.I. Vavilov predicted that amaranth would be the main culture of the third millennium. He claimed that in the near future, amaranth would feed humanity.
American scientist D. Lenman also called amaranth culture of the XXI century, with which you can solve the food problem on a global scale.
A sharp increase in amaranth production in the coming years is predicted. Scientists call amaranth "the hope of humanity for survival," because it is, in fact, a protein factory, unique in its lysine content, which fully satisfies the need for it in humans.
Amaranth - the champion in protein content. No wonder the amaranth's greens are equated by the Japanese to the most high-calorie seafood - squid meat. Indeed, besides protein, the most valuable amino acid for the human body is lysine, it is 2.5 times more than in wheat, and 3.5 times more than in corn and other high-lysin grains.
Amaranth protein in its quality and value exceeds all vegetable and animal proteins. Protein rich in seeds, greens. Its content in leaves reaches 20%, in seeds - 23%, and the full value of its protein is estimated at 97%.
The unique chemical composition of amaranth has determined the immensity of its use as a therapeutic agent.
The ancient Russians used amaranth to feed newborn babies. Amaranth warriors took the grain with them on heavy hikes as a source of strength and health. Being a real pharmacy, amaranth was used to treat royal nobility in ancient India and China. In ancient Chinese medicine, amaranth was used as an anti-aging agent. The ancient Greeks, he was a symbol of immortality.
Amaranth strengthens the spirit and body, increases vitality, improves mood, contains serotonin, cleanses the body, causes a feeling of lightness in the body, the strongest antioxidant that only exists in nature, preserves youth!

Amaranth oil is a well-known source of squalene.
SKVALEN - a substance that seizes oxygen and saturates the tissues and organs of our body with it.
Squalene is a powerful antitumor agent that prevents the destructive cancer effect on the cell of free radicals. In addition, squalene easily penetrates the skin inside the body, affects the entire body and is a powerful immunostimulant.
Squalene was first discovered in 1906. Dr. Mitsumaro Tsudzhimoto from Japan isolated an extract from the liver of a deep-sea shark, which was later identified as squalene (from the Latin squalus - shark).
From the biochemical and physiological points of view, squalene is a biological compound, a natural unsaturated hydrocarbon. In 1931, Dr. Klaur, a professor at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), a Nobel Prize winner, proved that this compound lacks 12 hydrogen atoms to achieve a stable state; therefore, this unsaturated hydrocarbon captures these atoms from any source available to it. Since water is the most common source of oxygen in the body, squalene easily reacts with it, releasing oxygen and saturating organs and tissues with it.
Squalene is necessary for deep-sea sharks to survive in the conditions of severe hypoxia (low oxygen content) when swimming at great depths.
And people need squalene as an anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial and fungicidal agent, since it has long been proven that it is oxygen deficiency and oxidative cell damage that are the main causes of aging of the body, as well as the occurrence and development of tumors. By entering the human body, squalene rejuvenates cells, and also inhibits the growth and spread of malignant tumors. In addition, squalene is able to increase the strength of the body's immune system several times, thereby ensuring its resistance to various diseases.
Until recently, squalene was harvested exclusively from the liver of a deep-sea shark, which made it one of the most highly deficient and expensive products. But the problem was not only in its high cost, but also in the fact that in the liver of a shark squalene is not so much: only 1-1,5%.
The unique antitumor properties of squalene and such great difficulties in its production led scientists to step up their search for alternative sources of this substance. Modern studies have found the presence of squalene in small doses in olive oil, in wheat germ oil, in rice bran. But in the process of the same research it turned out that the highest content of squalene in the oil from amaranth grains.
It turned out that AMARANT OIL contains 8-10% squalene !!!
During biochemical studies of squalene, many other interesting properties of it were discovered. So it turned out that squalene is a derivative of vitamin A and during the synthesis of cholesterol is converted into its biochemical analogue 7-dehydrocholesterol, which, in sunlight, becomes vitamin D, thus providing radioprotective properties. In addition, vitamin A is much better absorbed when it is dissolved in squalene.
Then squalene was found in the sebaceous glands of man and caused a whole revolution in cosmetology. After all, being a natural component of human skin (up to 12-14%), it is able to easily be absorbed and penetrate into the body, while accelerating the penetration of substances dissolved in a cosmetic product.
In addition, it turned out that squalene in the composition of amaranth oil has unique wound-healing properties, easily coping with most skin diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, trophic ulcers and burns.
If you smear amaranth oil on the skin area under which the tumor is located, the radiation dose can be significantly increased without the risk of radiation burn. The use of amaranth oil before and after radiation therapy significantly speeds up the recovery of the patient's body, since once in the body, squalene activates the regenerative processes of the tissues of internal organs.
Amaranth oil has a unique composition of biologically active substances that have a complex effect on all body systems. It contains vitamin E, provitamin A, a large amount of phospholipids, which are necessary for normal functioning of the liver cells. Squalene together with phospholipids restores damaged liver cells and reduces the level of bad low-density cholesterol.
Amaranth oil provides good results in treating cardiovascular diseases due to polyunsaturated fatty acids and squalene. Omega 3 and Omega 6 thin the blood and it moves better through the vessels, no plaques form, the heart becomes easier to work, blood pressure decreases, and squalene nourishes not only the heart with oxygen, but all the organs that also begin to work better. So amaranth oil can be used in addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. His reception will make it possible to reduce the dosage of basic drugs and speed up the healing process.

Amaranth oil is recommended to be taken with a small amount of vegetable food (stewed vegetables, beets, vinaigrette, salad) or with small pieces of gray bread. It is better to take it as a separate, "therapeutic" food, without mixing with other food. So it is better absorbed and more gently acts.
Start with 1 teaspoon 2 times a day, gradually increasing the intake to 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.

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