Crowd project:
Sturgeon farm
for produce Black Caviar

Product: Black Caviar
Sturgeon Caviar not only has a refined taste, but is also very useful, as it contains many trace elements. Black caviar contains a complete set of amino acids, including glutamine and aspartic, lysine, serine, leucine, minerals potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, as well as many vitamins.

Black Caviar is today one of the most important global economic resources. It has long been estimated that the production of caviar is the same profitable business as gold mining or oil production.
It is of particular value due to the fact that, unlike oil or gold, is a renewable resource.
The average price of the world market for Black Caviar:
1 gram – 1 - 20 $!

Problem and solution:
The main place of production of black caviar (90% of world production) is the Caspian Sea. However, the sturgeon population is declining due to the construction of dams, environmental pollution and the main poaching.

Considering that the global caviar market is currently saturated by 12-15%, breeding sturgeon in aquaculture farms is becoming a very promising and profitable business.
Production of caviar in aquaculture farms allows you to avoid many of the difficulties associated with its production through industrial fishing.
In modern sturgeon complexes, the method of cultivation in installations with a closed water supply (recirculation system) is used, which makes it possible to imitate the natural living conditions, including wintering cycles, and at the same time allows to effectively control the degree of maturity and quality of caviar.
The technology makes it possible to grow enough fish at minimal cost. In the installation of a closed water supply hydrobionts are located in pools with a high density of landing. Feeding fresh water per day is 5% or less of the volume of water in the installation. This is achieved by applying a system of mechanical and biological filters for the purification of waste water for its further use. The whole installation is compact, and therefore it can be placed in a heated room, which makes the system independent of the external environmental conditions.

Since 2000, the construction of such installations has intensified, since There are a number of advantages compared with alternative methods of growing fish in ponds.

Eight reasons for using
a closed system for growing fish:
You can grow any hydrobiont and anywhere
Reduction of feed consumption per 1 kg of fish growth
Can be combined with growing plants in an integrated plant
Minimum water consumption
You can grow organic food
Can grow healthy fish
Optimal water parameters for this hydrobiont
High yield

Our Project:
We will build the first sturgeon farm producing 3 tons of Black Caviar a year
in 2019 in Ukraine, in the Poltava region, on our own land with an area of 1 ha.
Every year we will increase the production of black caviar by 3 tons.
We will build the second sturgeon farm 2020 in Riga under the management of the company Akvaferma.

For the construction of a sturgeon farm in Ukraine, we are developing our own, unique project.
Technical solutions, the Aqua Farm company will help us to finalize project.
The main essence of our project is to create an energy-independent system, where the sun's energy and other solutions will be used to provide energy!
Also, to reduce costs and increase efficiency, we will use aquaponics technology!
We will introduce our investors to the detailed details of our development!

Our Sturgeon farm will be fully automated.
In order to control the operation of the installation, monitor the water parameters and the feeding process, our partner, company «AKVA FERMA» has developed its own automation system based on the Siemens controller. The automation system allows reducing the number of service personnel, increasing the reliability of the installation, reducing feed, electricity and heat consumption. Automation is automatically recording and archiving data at any interval. There is a warning system in case of accidents by sending SMS messages to a mobile phone. Particular attention is paid to the reliability of the system.
The project involves the production of caviar without killing females, with the help of donating caviar.
The first caviar is obtained one year after launch, (due to the purchase of adult females).

Production plan for 10 year:
165 tonn Black Caviar

The production volume increases by 3 tons annually:
2020 - 3 tons
2021 - 6 tons
2022 - 9 tons
2023 - 12 tons
2024 - 15 tons
2025 - 18 tons
2026 - 21 tons
2027 - 24 tons
2028 - 27 tons
2029 - 30 tons
Total: 165 tons !!!

Our development plan.
We plan to build our sturgeon farm in 3 stages:

Stage 1:
Creating an open pond and settlement of sturgeon.
May 2019
- show our investors the seriousness of our intentions;
- maintenance and selection of sturgeon females at the construction stage our farm in the summer 2019.

Stage 2:
Building a prototype of our farm.
June - July 2019
- show our investors our project in action;
- identification and correction of weak points of our project.

Stage 3:
Construction of the main project
August - November 2019
- Implementation of the project.

Our land
Company name
"Polt Eco Group".
Jurisdiction for company registration:.
The company "Polt Eco Group",
will be created third quarter 2019.

Founder of the project:
Oleg Digorov

Oleg Digorov Entrepreneur, from Ukraine, 35 years old.
In the past, a member of the Ukrainian national team in freestyle wrestling, silver medalist of the World Cup.

Youth development;
Business incubation;
Environmentally friendly production;
Environmental Protection;
Cooperation in agriculture;
Blockchain technology.

Facebook profile:
The story of the birth of an idea:
Fish-farming it is my fascination from little up!
From 7 years I was carried away by an aquarium and fishing. From 9 years parents gave me on the section of wrestling free-stile in town Poltava.
In 18 years I departed to live and training in a city Kiev there became the member of collapsible command of Ukraine and obtained results about which before dreamed only.
After completion of sporting career I engaged in entrepreneurial activity, engaged in a pond fish-farming, hothouse economy studied technologies of fish-farming in Settings of the closed system-supply and front-rank technologies in a hothouse economy.
Already more than 10 years I dream about building of the closed system-supply for growing of sturgeon on Black caviar but taking into account the size of budget of this project from 1 000 000 $ this project so remained long time a dream.
But to date due of crowdfounding and Blockchain technology, my dream became reality in a short-term prospect.
And I decided to tokenization project: Sturgeon farm on Black Caviar.

Our team
Our partner:
Company "Akva Ferma", Latvia, Riga.
To implement the project, we prefer to work with professionals whom we consider the company AKVA FERMA Latvia, Riga, headed by Vasily Krasnoborodko.
The main profile of the company "AKVA FERMA" is the design and construction of commercial automatic fish farms, designed according to the technology of UZV.
The fish installations of the AKVA FERMA company are unique, there are no analogues in the world. They are protected by two European patents and one Russian patent. The company has accumulated considerable experience in the operation of automatic fish-breeding plants of its own production with minimal involvement of people in the workplace.
Behind the company "AKVA FERMA", dozens of completed, successful projects. Company AKVA FERMA, developed a technical (working) project of buildings with all internal communications to accommodate the UZV on Black Caviar. The project is made according to the rules and regulations of the Euro Union. In the projects, the original idea of UZV was applied with an inexpensive construction cost, with calculations of sturgeon metabolisms (of different ages) and system capacity. To minimize the area of the building , large rectangular pools are used. The minimum design "safety margin" for all its critical parameters is 20%. Safety factor ensures that the filtration system keeps the working parameters of water in case of exceeding the feed consumption above the nominal.

Founder of the project:
- Conduct ITO;
- Creation of a company "Polt Eco Group";
- Construction and management project in Ukraine in 2019;
- Realization of finished products.

Company "AKVA FERMA":
- design of UZV;
- assistance in acquiring land in Riga 2020;
- purchase of equipment;
- construction of a fish farm in Riga 2020;
- start the farm;
- project management in Riga 2020;
- submission of documents to the European Funds, to receive compensation, in the amount of 50% of the estimate, after the launch of the project.
- Insurance project.

Tokenization our project
on the Waves Platform

As part of the Tokenomics project
from the Waves Platform,
we will release Sequrity Tokens Polt Eco.
ST Polt Eco will be provided
with shares of company Polt Eco Group.

Emission: 300 000 000 ST Polt Eco
Date: 3-4 quarter of 2019.

Sale ST Polt Eco
will be produced only for Polt Eco Coins!
At the rate of 1/1

Polt Eco Coin is the cryptocurrency
of the Polt Eco Group community

Polt Eco Coins holders will be able
to buy ST Polt Eco
or Black Caviar for them from our project.
In proportion to the market price
of Polt Eco Coin and Black Caviar.

The cost of Polt Eco Coin
will be equal to the cost of ST Polt Eco.

Holders of ST Polt Eco will be able to sell them
at the market price
or receive dividends on them,
also on dividends you can receive
the product - Black Caviar.

Our goal:
Price 1 ST Polt Eco:
2020 - $ 0.1
2021 - $ 1
Dividents on 1 ST Polt Eco:
2020 - $ 0.01
2021 - $ 0.1

50% of the income from the sale of our products,
we will send to purchase
Polt Eco Coin and ST Polt Eco
at the market price
from investors who want to sell them.

Emission: 300 000 000 Polt Eco Coins

Price: 0.044 $, 0.0163 Waves


Forth quarter of 2018:
-Emission - Black Caviar Tokens;
- Project Announcement;
- Start AirDrop Company;
- Start Bounty company;
- Token Sale - First tour;
- Token Sale - Second round;
First quarter of 2019:
- Token Sale - Third round;
- Decide on Jurisdiction for ITO;
- Create a website;
Second quarter of 2019:
-Emission - Black Gold tokens;
- Token Sale - Main tour;
- Obtaining the status of a qualified issuer on the Waves platform.
- Start construction of the first Sturgeon farm in Ukraine, Poltava region;
- Create company "Polt Eco Group";
Forth quarter of 2019:
- Completion of construction and launch of a sturgeon farm;
First quarter of 2020:
- Getting the first product - 3 tons of black caviar;
- We exchange 1 ton of Black Caviar for tokens;
- Sale of Black Caviar!
- Reinvestment of income in the construction of a sturgeon farm in Riga;
(Annually obtained profit, we will reinvest and increase the production of Black Caviar, by 3 tons per year.)
Join our community!
Let's implement this project TOGETHER!
With respect!
Oleg Digorov.
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