Cambrian Blue Clay
Blue Cambrian clay is a proven remedy of traditional medicine; it is a wonderful gift of nature that has been used by Mankind for many centuries. Clay helps rejuvenate cells, cleanse the body, has a curative, prophylactic, tonic effect, helps to resist many ailments. The use of clay is one of the methods of natural healing of the body, undeservedly forgotten and hardly used.
Today, the most promising for use in recreational practice is blue Cambrian clay. Due to its unique mineral composition, it has amazing healing properties. In different quantities, it contains almost all elements of the periodic table. Clay formed in the bottom sediments of the Cambrian seas more than 500 million years ago is an environmentally friendly product mined at a depth of 80-100 meters. This layer corresponds to the Cambrian era in the history of the Earth, hence the name "Cambrian clay".
The high therapeutic effect of the blue Cambrian clay is due precisely to its rich mineral composition. This moment is very important, because it has been proven that clay containing a complex of trace elements is more effective than individual minerals. Blue Cambrian clay contains all the mineral salts and trace elements that we need, namely: more than 50% of silicon dioxide, 19% of aluminum and 15% of other elements: iron oxide, cobalt, molybdenum, calcium, magnesium, as well as organic substances that give it the original color.
The most important element that enters the human body from clay is silicon. Silicon is actively involved in almost all physiological processes, ranging from changes in cell membranes to the formation of connective tissues of cartilage and bones. It stimulates the replacement of tissues (protein synthesis), prevents the deposition of cholesterol, normalizes the permeability of the vascular walls and ensures their elasticity. Compounds of silicon contained in the clay are converted into forms suitable for absorption into the gastrointestinal tract. Silicon receives and transmits signals from the brain, it is necessary for absolutely all human tissues and organs. Academician V.I. Vernadsky said: "No living organism can exist without silicon."
Clay provides penetration into the body of the most valuable trace elements that stimulate intracellular processes. Therefore, the use of blue Cambrian clay helps rejuvenate the cells, clean the body and its tissues, Clay renews the cells and strengthens the body's immunity. In addition, it absorbs all toxins, poisons, putrefactive gases, excess acid and removes them from the body, completely cleansing it.
Lotions. Take any cloth or napkin. Place a napkin on a table or other flat surface. With a hand or a wooden spatula, remove the mass from the vessel and spread it on a napkin. The clay layer should be wider than the sore spot, 2-3 mm thick. The mass should be thick like sour cream. Try to make the surface of the clay as smooth as possible so that it fits snugly to the body. The clay layer must be dense enough: it will have to absorb a lot of harmful substances. Wipe the sore spot with a wet cloth. If it is an ulcer, then wash it with fresh warm water. Put the prepared lotion directly on the sore spot and make sure that it fits tightly. Tie lotion with a bandage so that it does not move. Secure the bandage, but do not tighten it tightly so as not to interfere with blood circulation. Heat wrap. The clay lotion should be kept in a sore spot for 3 hours. As soon as the patient feels that the lotion has become dry and hot, it should be replaced with a new one. For arthritis, diseases of the joints, repeat the procedure daily or every other day.
Masks. Clay is diluted with purified water to the thickness of sour cream and applied to the skin in a thin layer, kept to the state of tightening (usually 15–20 minutes), washed off with warm water without soap, and a moisturizer is applied to the skin. You can make masks using the juices of vegetables, fruits and berries. These masks are done every day 10-12 times. A medical mask for hair is made, for example, by adding egg yolk to the clay mass and distributing it over dry, unwashed hair. For a short time massaging the scalp, the hair is well washed with running water. This procedure significantly strengthens the hair roots, and the hair itself becomes soft and elastic. For healthy hair, the use of rinsing hair with clay water (2 liters of water a tablespoon of clay) makes your hair elastic and silky, strengthens the roots.

The easiest way to use clay is, of course, a bath. Other ways to use clay do not carry such a major cleansing of the body, as this is the simplest external method. Baths are used to cleanse the skin of pollution products, stimulate the functions of the sebaceous and sweat glands, cleanse and strengthen the body. The clay bath heals and purifies not only the physical body, but also our soul, our emotional state.
At home with the help of clay you can overcome a number of diseases.
But, if there is an opportunity, we advise you to contact specialists who in practice use blue Cambrian clay. Their experience and knowledge, and most importantly, the practice of application, will most effectively and efficiently assist you in overcoming your ailments.
The use of blue Cambrian clay for medical purposes has a long history. It has long been known that clay can be used as compresses for various inflammatory processes, attacks, bites, etc., as well as inside for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Clay is used as a medicine in some hospitals in Germany and Switzerland for the treatment of various diseases, mainly tuberculosis. At the Swiss resort in Davos, clay treats the most severe cases of lung diseases. Moreover, the clay affects not only tuberculosis, but also acts as the basis for effective cancer treatment. Many hospitals readily use mud baths.
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